Aurora landscaping | How to get rid of weeds in interlocking

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March 18, 2015
February 28, 2018
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Aurora landscaping | How to get rid of weeds in interlocking

Weed in interlocks  an Issue for aurora landscaping

weeds are not growing from beneath the interlocking stone. There is no such weed that can grow from 10″ or even 4″ compacted gravel base and find its way throw brick joints . seeds usually travel by wind and trap between the brick joints. All they need in order to germinate  is a bit of dust and moisture.

Weed control methods:

Organic method:

Living and landscaping in aurora for more than 20 years now , i undrestood that use Horticultural winger  in your garden spray and wash the entire the weed area.  do not dilate with water

Make sure you apply it in hot sunny days. It is important to follow the local weather forecast to make sure there is no rain in the next 48 hours.

Chemical method:

Before using any chemical weed killer , make sure you read the labels and follow all the safety precaution.

It is very important to follow the direction on each product. Never use these product to control weeds in your lawn. If you use your garden sprayer, make sure you mark that sprayer to be only used for weed killer in the paving stone area.

If you are planning to have interlocking paving stone for your driveway, walkway or patio, you should consider to apply polymeric sand between the brick joints. Ask your contractor about the polymeric sand and its benefits. Make sure to chose the right contractor who is certified or at least is a member of landscape Ontario.

How to apply polymeric sand:

Usually 2 applications with one compaction between will be sufficient to fill the brick joints of the interlocking paving stone. If you are going to do it yourself; make sure to remove all the excessive sand after the compaction. Use a blower to lightly remove the remaining dust from surface of the paving stone. while using blower,  do not get too close to the surface of the paving stone since you may remove the polymeric sand from the brick joints.

The next step will be misting and washing.( read the direction of the use on the bag). Use a garden hose to lightly mist all the paved area, wait 5 to 8 minutes then wash the entire paved area. do not apply the water in high pressure.

It is recommended to apply the polymeric sand every 2 years in order to maintain the  interlocking paving stone.

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