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February 28, 2018
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The New Interlocking Services

In today’s landscape industry business owners will always be asked about different paving stones and their applications.

With new by-laws in some of cities like North York, Richmond Hill and Aurora, the square footage of interlocking for properties has become very restricted. The main reason for this restriction is rain water runoff from hard surfaces like;  paving stone interlocking, concrete driveway, concrete patio and rooftops.

How to have a better interlocking service

However, There are different kinds of solutions to manage the water runoff. One of these solution is using permeable paving stone. The permeable paving stone allows rain water to penetrate beneath the hard surface and ultimately go back into the ground rather than a nearby water body such as lakes or rivers.

Permeable paving stone can be installed for any kinds of applications like driveways, walkways or backyard patio’s. The installation of permeable paving stone is different from regular interlocking stone. Infact, the depth of excavation, the materials for the base and the sequences of the laying different aggregate must meet the standards of the installation criteria. Since the base materials for permeable paving stone are not compactable, it will reduce the amount of compaction on the soil and reduce the time and labor for compacting. Additionally, permeable paving stone has a greater life time than regular paving stone. Moisture and salt are 2 main factors that cause corrosions. Permeable paving stone will not keep the moisture and stay dry most of the time. If there is salt on the paving stone, it will be washed away every time it rains.

Permeable paving stone holds the pollutants in place in the material underlying the driveway, walkway or patio and will allow water seepage to groundwater recharge while preventing the stream erosion problems. It also helps to reduce the pressure on water treatment facilities of municipalities.

Like many other structures, permeable paving stone needs maintenance. Small particles like sand, dirt and heavy dust can block the open pores. Furthermore, Keeping the surface of paving clean at all times will help the permeable system function properly.

Finally The cost of installing permeable paving stone is slightly higher than regular interlocking paving stone. If properly installed it never sinks or heaves and in the long run it becomes a return in investment and can add value to a property.

For more information about permeable paving stone and its benefits please call Greenbay Northern landscaping.

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