Landscape Construction

Foreman/Crew Leader (Construction)

As the lead worker on site this position plans, directs, and coordinates all project-related activities and works with the Project Coordinator/General Manager as necessary to complete all assigned tasks on time.

Job Category:

Landscape Construction

Job Title: 

Foreman/Crew Leader (Construction)

Job Type: 

Full time

Starting Time:

April 2022

Wage Range:

$35+ (Negotiable based on experience)


Dental, Extended health, Life, AD&D


York Region

Scope of Work

Foreman on site plans, coordinates, and directs project activities, ensuring timely completion. Responsibilities include grading, hardscaping, and site layout. Record keeping, data collection, and materials procurement are necessary. Maintains quality and safety standards, communicates openly, and fosters a safe working environment.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Ability to follow directions and work as part of a team.
  • Self-motivated and productive.
  • Experience in physical work, lifting, and manual labor.
  • Willingness to learn (training provided).
  • Positive and respectful attitude.

Mental Efforts

  • Thinks ahead and plans.
  • Willingness to learn and be enthusiastic.
  • Double-checks and avoids assumptions.
  • Shows respect towards others.
  • Works well under pressure.

Major Duties & Responsibilites

  • Wears provided clean company uniform and your PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) – lead by example.
  • Enforces our policies, memorize, demonstrates, and follows the Policy and procedure of company Handbook.
  • Instructs and trains employees in safe work practices of construction equipment, tools and job techniques.
  • Responsible for site safety as well as identifying hazards and eliminates threats for staff, sub-contractors, the public and others.
  • Reports and investigates all injuries or incidents to the Office Manager and all other parties involved. This includes all hazards and near misses.
  • Ensures daily maintenance is carried out for all equipment on site. Report machine hours back to the office to track maintenance requirements once a month.
  • Conducts weekly safety TOOLBOX meeting every Thursday at noon. Be prepared in advance for these meetings.
  • Works together with the supervisor to communicate any changes or concerns on the job. Inform the supervisor immediately of any deficiencies which include mistakes, errors, contamination, or damages (property or equipment etc.) Continually working towards preventing deficiencies.
  • Gathers all the information and schedule required before starting a job, this includes design print, job order, Utilities Locate, material takeoff list, list of equipment etc.
  • Informs the supervisor of supplies needed by 2:00pm.
  • Keeps an accurate inventory of regularly used working tools/supplies in provided truck. If applicable, makes sure the fuel reserve is always full.
  • Maintains good records of events that take place on/or about the job site while working along with the schedule of the work order. This includes changes made, additions or deletions to schedule, and materials/equipment used.
  • Oversees the crew to confirm that the direction given is being followed. Continuously monitors all works against job specifications to ensure the quality and accuracy of the work performed.
  • Provides goal setting, motivating, coaching, teaching and encouragement to the team.
  • Evaluates worker performance and provides periodic feedback to individuals based on their job descriptions/responsibilities.
  • Conducts performance reviews once a year of crew members with General Manager or Project Coordinator.
  • Participates in annual review with General Manager and/or Project Coordinator and training opportunities that are available.
  • Maintains accurate records for the office manager. This includes any receipts, purchases, delivery packing slips and other paper that may be obtained.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude and working climate, with an emphasis on health and safety.

Physical Efforts:

  • Ability to lift 50lbs and be physically fit.
  • Performs repetitive tasks and manual labor for extended periods.

Working Conditions:

  • Outdoor work in various weather conditions.
  • Working hours from 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday, and alternate Saturdays.
  • Requires focus on machines and equipment on the job site.