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Excellence in Deck and Fence Services

We take great pride in building comfortable, luxurious and sturdy decks for you to have a fun time with friends and family. Compliment it with a beautiful frame of fence to give your house a wealthy look.

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Residential & Commercial Landscaper.

Customers Trust and love us. We’re rated 5/5 out of 200 customer reviews.

Since 2001, Greenbay Northern provided premium-quality care for your lawn, trees & plants.

Construction Services

Bringing an artistic design to fruition takes not only meticulous planning, but also execution with skilled workmanship. At Greenbay Northern we use a variety of materials to bring your dream and our design element to a grand finale.

Modern Design

Every successful project starts with a great design idea which requires immense planning. At Greenbay Northern we consider all the factors critical to a landscape that is beautiful, functional and within the budget limit.

Property Maintenance

Whether simple, straight forward, sophisticated, elaborated or any other style you will feel and see that we pay attention to details. Our Garden Maintenance Service gives that extra care and attention to your existing lawn and garden.

let us build a new deck or fence

Building a great deck requires professional expertise. The decks that we create are not just based on beauty but functionality and appropriate fit to your property’s design.

We use high quality woods and other materials for our decks and fence, which comply with all building code requirements.

Deck and Fence services


We strive for success of our clients. Our service areas
include landscaping in Aurora, King City and Newmarket.

Deck and Fence services company

The advantages to installing a deck

We design your decks to complement the design, colours, and finishing of your property’s exterior, making it even more appealing. We model the space of the deck to make it a fantastic place for gatherings and parties.

A well-developed deck increases the property’s price by a considerable margin, making the deck a great investment in the long run.


We visit the site and consult you about your design ideas and functional requirements. Our design of the deck, its accessibility and structure inculcate your lifestyle needs.

We make a 3D deck design based on your desires while maintaining the legal framework. We offer different materials like Cedarwood, Tigerwood for building and a vast selection of finishing designs. Our fences come in various designs, from classic pickets to modern ones.

We make sure that the final look of the deck and fences meets the qualification of your imagination.

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