Professional Landscape Designer in Newmarket

Landscaping in Newmarket is more of a succession to its proud farming background than a recent attire of choice. People in Newmarket from the early 1800s have invested a great deal both in soft landscaping such as plants, trees, grasses, shrubs, and many other horticulture elements as well as hard landscaping including elements such as driveways, steps, walls, pathways and rocks. Greenbay Northern Ltd with 20 years of experience in the field as well as academic background in agriculture and horticulture is proud to regard itself as the rightful heir to this grand tradition.

WE DESIGN, EXECUTE AND MAINTAIN. As professional landscapers in Newmarket we have the creativity to transform your house into a beautiful environment. We specialize in a broad spectrum of gardening services. High-end lawn and garden maintenance including lawn cutting, fertilizing, pest control and planting flowerbeds, trees and shrubs helps you get rid of Uneven growth, Patchy slope, Weeds, Bald or bare spots, Damage caused by pets, Rust spots, Light rings filled in with grass or Moss is only one of the services Greenbay has to offer to every house in Newmarket.

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Landscaping in Newmarket

Construction Services

Bringing an artistic design to fruition takes not only meticulous planning, but also execution with skilled workmanship. At Greenbay Northern we use a variety of materials to bring your dream and our design element to a grand finale.

Modern Design

Every successful project starts with a great design idea which requires immense planning. At Greenbay Northern we consider all the factors critical to a landscape that is beautiful, functional and within the budget limit.

Property Maintenance

Whether simple, straight forward, sophisticated, elaborated or any other style you will feel and see that we pay attention to details. Our Garden Maintenance Service gives that extra care and attention to your existing lawn and garden.

We Care About the Details

Be it a Pergola, Pool house or a Cabana, or petit repairs such as stone work, paving stone, interlocking, polymeric sand, retaining walls, waterfall, fire pit, artificial grass, landscape design, deck and fence, cedar fence, composite and maintenance free deck, concrete pad, French drain or French pit, Greenbay Northern’s knowledge of the urban texture of Newmarket can add both to the beauty of our town as well as the value of your property. Our services in the field of hard landscaping seek to value the harmony between the hard rock façade of buildings and green lawn and flower bed of the yard.

Landscaping in Aurora and Newmarket


Our portfolio is testimony to our creativity. Landscape of every house in Newmarket, be it small or large,
rocky and wet or dry and sun-ridden is only an opportunity for Greenbay to exhibit its mastery.

Industry Leading
Designers & Horticulturists

The weather and soil quality specific to Newmarket demands a vast knowledge of different plant and flower varieties which can only thrive in Newmarket’s climate. Having invested 20 fruitful years in Newmarket as well as academic background of our technicians and designers in fields of horticulture and agriculture has made Greenbay Northern Ltd a familiar name to ears of every citizen of the Newmarket.

Experienced and Creative Landscape Designers

Landscaping in Newmarket

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fusion Landscaping certified technicians and designers working at Greenbay have done a great deal to make every Newmarket project pleasing from an environmental point of view as well as aesthetic. Every wet basement, wet garden, moss ridden backyard, rain swamped outdoor kitchen is only an opportunity for fusion landscaping designers to help the environment as well as our client.
Our free spring fertilizing promotion is a grantee not only to the client but also to our town that every Newmarket lawn will stay bright and beautiful at least for a few seasons. After all every yard demands different type of seeds depending on the weather, direction of the sun as well as the tree shadows and many other factors.

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