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Excellence in Outdoor Kitchen Services

At Greenbay Northern Ltd, we provide a wide variety of outdoor kitchen customized according to your home’s design, aesthetics, outdoor space, and environment.

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Residential & Commercial Landscaper.

Customers Trust and love us. We’re rated 5/5 out of 200 customer reviews.

Since 2001, Greenbay Northern provided premium-quality care for your lawn, trees & plants.

Construction Services

Bringing an artistic design to fruition takes not only meticulous planning, but also execution with skilled workmanship. At Greenbay Northern we use a variety of materials to bring your dream and our design element to a grand finale.

Modern Design

Every successful project starts with a great design idea which requires immense planning. At Greenbay Northern we consider all the factors critical to a landscape that is beautiful, functional and within the budget limit.

Property Maintenance

Whether simple, straight forward, sophisticated, elaborated or any other style you will feel and see that we pay attention to details. Our Garden Maintenance Service gives that extra care and attention to your existing lawn and garden.

Let us create your perfect outdoor kitchen design

Our outdoor kitchens are designed to withstand all weather effects. We thoroughly plan our design after having a site visit and a detailed discussion with you about your expectations and expert views regarding them.

We will create a 3D CAD design according to your prospects and give you’re a range of equipment choices to select from.

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We strive for success of our clients. Our service areas
include landscaping in Aurora, King City and Newmarket.

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The advantages of  an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming popular among homeowners. They are an excellent spot for guest entertainment, family dining, especially for a BBQ.

Being a luxury addition, they also improve the value of the property and expands the living space.


Our team of expert incorporates your lifestyle into designing your living space. We take care of everything from sketching the 3D blueprint to implementation of the project. After measuring your property’s size and making a checklist of required utilities, we model your outdoor kitchen as per your requirements.

Our customized outdoor kitchen cabinetries are unique for each client, specifically created to precisely fit in your space. Our cabinetries are all-weather proof made out of stainless steel and aluminium. Our designs are inspired by kitchens around the world, including European and Eastern styles.

Similarly, for countertops, we have a wide variety of design and material choices, from porcelain to quartz. Our design can suit all grills, refrigerators and other appliances.

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