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Green bay Northern is the most exclusive service provider offering Paving Stones to enhance the magnificent poolside, lawn area, parking lot, and the outer surface of your circumference. Give your home a new dimension by booking an appointment with us rather than searching “paving stones near me.” We are a team of highly professional builders, creating impactful designs and making your house look luxurious with minimalistic paving stones.

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We offer Paving Stone Services & Interlocking, and we are here to hear you out. We believe in providing quick and reliable services for long-term associations. The gallery here is the proof of our best works and the dedication we put in to give your house space the much-required style. The classic look that you will be choosing from the catalog will come into reality with the help of our team. We are skilled and experienced builders ready to help you with paving stones now!

Choosing an expert can be difficult, and often people end up doing it themselves. Well, when you are not aware of the dimensions of an expert, you might be left with no other options. Let’s guide you about the expert who will let you understand how to lay the paving stone like an expert.

An expert should be capable of the following:


Stone expert and capable of guiding about the stone type and qualities.


Guide about the end design at the beginning of the process and suggest the most suitable one as per the site.


Capable of monitoring team that will be paving stone in the chosen pattern.


Usage of best quality standards for levelling the ground with sand.


Ensuring each stone is well crafted and is having equal width as per the ground level.


Apply expertise in odd situations and complete tasks within a determined time frame and budget.

Have you ever wondered “How to lay Paving stones”?

You do not have to lift the heavy blocks or get your hands in the sand; we are here to take care of everything on your behalf.
We will be giving you the best of the services by taking over your space to rejuvenate the outer area and make it commendable by remoulding and redesigning.
We will be laying those most proficiently to create a texture and a look that will change your home’s outdoor area for the better.

How to lay Paving Stone as a Professional?

The heavy stones are challenging to move until you deal with them regularly like us. The process we have adopted begins from the patio corner, and the team first gets the stone that you finalize after discussing the color and type of stone. Then, these are laid out one after the other, and the way they are replaced creates a unique design, and sand is poured between the space of the stones. It may sound simple but needs proficiency, and we are here to do it all with utmost perfection.

Step by step process of paving stone in Toronto

The process is simple. We have a well-trained staff and well-equipped people to help you carry out your necessities. The situation is first analysed, then we guide through the suggestive changes. A catalogue of the available stones with the possible design will be shown for selection purposes. Later, the design will be shown, and you can pick your personal favourite, and we will be the paving stone for you.

Step 1

Give us a call and book an

Step 2

Meet our team at the office and witness our past work.

Step 3

Choose the best possible design and stone combination.

Step 4

Let us take over the outdoor area and do the essentials.

Step 5

Find your answer to “how to lay paving stone,” as our team demonstrates for you.

Step 6

Enjoy the newly installed paving stone in your outdoor space.

How to install paving stones?

A detailed process that lets you enjoy your outdoor activities with family and people you call home for celebration and entertainment. The technique is straightforward from our point of view, and we have a predefined way to install paving stones.
It begins with selecting the site and clearing the mud and grass. Later, the cleaning is done, and levelling of the base for the patio is completed. We prefer using sand, and then the placement of stones is done. Finally, Paving Stone & Interlocking Services by green bay northern ends your patio most efficiently.

We offer the best of the packages for paving stone services in Toronto.

Each stage is important to us, and we will be offering the best of our efforts as we just adore our business activities. The most amazing way of creating a world-class impression on your guest is by restricting the space for entertainment.

People who love to entertain guests during holiday time can just count on us for paving stones. One simple change and the whole ambiance will become marvellous.

What distinguishes us as the finest in Toronto?

We prefer using the highest quality material and applying our experience to carry out the offered services. We are here to hear our customers and help them feel a sense of assurance while paving stones.

Over the years, we have developed skills to carry out the task in a certain way. We are always here to offer assistance, and the completion of services is done under the vigilance of paving stone experts.

Your house will be remoulded as per your vision, and we will ensure the end product looks as per your expectations.

The final design will amaze you and make you happy to the core. We have completed multiple projects in the past and have a beautiful pivot to showcase the same.

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