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The process of retaining walls is not a cakewalk as it requires an expert to handle and carry out the restoration process. One mistake, and you land up losing the wall.

Do you want to avail yourself service of a sitting wall in Toronto? If the answer is yes, we are here to make this process smoothest for you. We are Green Bay northern, offering you the facility of retaining walls and sitting walls all at the same time by experts.

Retaining Walls

Step-by-step retaining wall construction in Toronto

The procedure is straightforward. We have well-trained and well-equipped personnel to assist you with your needs. We first analyze the problem before guiding you through the suggested modifications. Let’s get this party started!

Step 1

 Call us and make an appointment.

Step 2

Visit our office and see our previous work.

Step 3

Choose the best possible design and stone combination.

Step 4

Let us take over the outdoor
space and do the necessary

Step 5

Relax and enjoy your beautifully rebuilt outside wall.

You need to call us when you need to ensure the sitting wall gets the correct grip and can possess the free stand structure. We are professionals working with rigorous efforts to offer you the best materials and peculiar designs. The installation process may be complex if you dare it yourself, but we love doing it for you.

Green Bay Northern is here to enhance the stability of your outdoor area by creating an impactful installation of retaining walls and sitting walls through a predetermined process. The proficiency in our activities will reflect the seamless efforts. We will ensure you have the best outcome that meets your expectations.

The glorifying work of retaining walls in Toronto has been our forte, and we are proud to help multiple clients in the past. The finest work completed by us is shared through our gallery. Please have a look and enjoy the effortless work pulled off by our team. Let’s discuss your house on-call after that, and we will be pleased to hear from you.

Our team consists of stone experts and has well-experienced members to manage, monitor and control the whole process. Choosing an expert may be tough. Therefore many individuals do it themselves. When you don’t know the proportions of an expert, you may be left with no other alternatives. Let us introduce you to the specialist who will show you how to accomplish the excellent sitting wall service.

Why do you need a professional for the retaining wall sitting wall?

  • To get the finest finishing, you require professional assistance. Only an expert or a team headed by an expert can deliver the desired results to you. It is not a complex task for an expert, and experience just adds the required amount of proficiency in the end. Sitting wall is a tough job when you try to do it on your own.
  • To ensure that wall is entirely safe during restoration. Cases, where the wall falls or gets demolished are considered to be the worst ones, but after taking necessary precautions, this situation can be easily wiped off.
  • The end design is as per your expectation. Your house will be sculpted according to your vision, and we will guarantee that the finished result meets your expectations. The overall presentation will be impressive, and you will enjoy it thoroughly. The various stages will help you make the most out of the available situation.
  • Work is completed within time and budget. The finished design will wow you and make you ecstatic. We have done several jobs in the past and have a lovely pivot to show for it.
  • There is no casualty during the process. It is the most important benefit of having an expert on board.

Who does retaining wall installation in Toronto?

Green bay northern does the best in this industry by offering you functional support and solving year-long issues faced with you. The evident results will stunt you, and it is the most improved version of the property. The right makeover to increase the square feet area without going one inch beyond your house limit. The time when your outdoor space will get the best-sitting wall makeover.

What makes us the best in Toronto?

The appreciation and gratitude of our customers have helped us maintain high-quality standards and offer the most valuable services to people at large.
We ensure the standards are high and the work is completed within the budget. The tasks are carried by us to offer a sense of assurance to our customers and let them perform their daily deeds by outsourcing complexity to us. The best traits known about us are:


Years of serving with high-quality material- We have been in the industry and understand what is required at a given point in time. The work is completed within a given time frame, and we are here to take over the responsibility of arranging all the material that goes into the retaining wall in Toronto.


Good practices to complete the initiated task- If we are the incharge, then we will be delivering the best of the services. We do not look back and make mistakes but rather carry out the process with the best of our efforts. Here is your chance to make it easy by making us your service provider for sitting walls.


Customized offering to treat the deep-rooted issues- Our efforts are always in the direction of offering you the best of the services. We will ensure that all the expectations will be met, and retaining wall services will be the smoothest one for you. We are here to let it happen for you by ensuring safety and minimal mess.


A peculiar design that enhances the overall presentation of the property. We have gained the expertise to complete the assignment in a certain manner throughout the years. We are always available to help, and all services are completed under the supervision of sitting wall professionals.

Still, thinking? Give us a call, and we will guide you through the process.