A beautiful garden is a beautiful you.

Property Maintenance


  • Complete litter removal from all landscaped areas
  • pruning all of shrubs and evergreens including fertilizing
  • Cultivate planted area
  • Cutting the edge of flowerbeds
  • Spring organic fertilizing


  • Planting Bed Preparation
  • Basic pruning of Shrubs and Hedges
  • Basic Pruning of trees up to a height of 10ft
  • Cultivation and edging of all beds
  • Lawn mowing (clippings to remain on grass)
  • String trimming
  • General clean-up
  • Sweeping/blowing of patios, curbs and walkways
  • Irrigation Systems adjusting
  • Organic Fertilizer and weed control application
  • Weed control on hard surfaces as required
  • Monitoring for insects and disease


  • Fall  organic fertilizing
  • Cut back perennials, remove and dispose of annuals, cultivate beds, general site cleanup, raking/removal of leaves and debris
  • Grass cutting – as required
  • Winter preparation for plantings; tie and burlap as required

Property Maintenance Services, at Green Bay northern LTD.

Whether simple, straight forward, sophisticated, elaborated or any other style you will feel and see that we pay attention to details. Our Garden Maintenance Service gives that extra care and attention to your existing lawn and garden.
We do not take the word maintenance literally, we improve and give that what needs to be maintained our special touch. You will notice the difference.
In the spring we prepare your landscape for the growing season; we mother it during summer with care and love so that it can proudly show its beauty; and in the fall we get it ready for the winter season in such a way that it will be strong and full of potentials for the next season.

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